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Starting Point

In Order to process my ideas I felt it necessary to create the imagery of legion's creation of a tree. 


My perception has changed dramatically and I have to work out how far down my revelation will go.

Does legion get to find out the true position they are in? Or do I keep them in the dark for their own sake?

If given a choice would you choose to live in blissful ignorance or choose the truth?  

Even if the truth then meant you lived in pain would you still want to know?  

So, let's say you tell them the truth.

You go out of your way to tell them in fact.


What role do you have now?



What kind of person does that make you? 

Even if the action had good intentions? Did your actions have good intentions? Did you tell them for the right reasons?

Or did you want to watch them suffer as they realise their true fate?

Monologue Styling

Monologue stylings1.png
Monologue stylings3.png
Monologue stylings.png
Monologue stylings2.png

More to come in due course...

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