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"What is that?"

"What on earth are you doing?"

"You have got to be joking me?"


"Don't you want a voice?"

"No! Yes! I. Don't. Know."

"Well shit."


"I thought you had the power over me...?"


"You still there?"


"Seriously! The silent treatment?"



"Are you saying I have the power over you?"

"Like is there much of a divide?

At the end of the day aren't I you?"


"I'm not you and you're not me!"

"We think differently"


"We're not so different you and I?"

"Did you just quote Doctor Evil?!?"

"Well see there! We are similar, I can quote pop culture like you do!"


"Just because....."

"Referencing pop culture doesn't make you me!" 

"Why what!?!"

"Why am I Doubt?"


"Well Fuck."

"I guess it just stuck."

"But. We're rooted from the same person. "

"I suppose so, yes."

"Then why am I Doubt?"


"No! Don't you do that to me!"

"I've asked you a simple question. Who am I?"

"That isn't a simple question."

"Then help me answer it. Please!"

"I'll try, okay?"

"I'll start with this. Why did you think I had the power over you?"

"Okay. Hmm the best way to explain it. O this is hard.

So basically last year I had the year to work out 'Who am I?' it was like my labyrinth and you were my Goblin King."

"Making you Sarah?"

"No. Jess. I had my own labyrinth. keep up. 


Through the year, you had beaten me down at every corner and you were a DICK."  

"Hmm... Anyway in order to find myself I painted our conversations.

And while I didn't really find myself. I found you."

"You have come from a place of hurting and negativity.

A single sentence from you can destroy me.

You had so much power over me."

"And what about now?"

"I think I'm more confused than ever."

"Now? I guess things have changed.

It would be wrong to quote Sarah and say:

'You have no power over me'

Because thats not true. 


Perhaps. Perhaps we SHARE THE POWER?

I don't know this freaks me out kinda."

"So we share the power? Power over what? 


"Please answer me. I need to understand."

"We are one.

But I am me and you are you.

We can never be two.

You are always there.

With me.

You are omnipresent."

"Omnipresent? Really?"

"You are everywhere and nowhere."

"I know what it MEANS!"


       "You’ve contradicted yourself!

                 You said that we are different,

         that your you and I’m me and yet you’re saying that

                                  We’re one.

                                                                       AM I YOU?

            If I looked in the mirror, would I see you?

                Where does the power come from

                                                                       WHO AM I?"


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